About This Site

Thank you for being here.

What is the purpose of this website — The Philosophy and Art of Living in Alignment?

The purpose of this website is to help awaken consciousness.

How does Philosophy and Art of Living in Alignment help awaken consciousness?

Hopefully I will guide you to uncommon thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and possibilities that will help you reunite with consciousness. Many of these lessons were received from teachers and teachings who and which resonated with me.

What is done here at the Philosophy and Art of Living in Alignment?

I write for us — you and me. Sometimes I try to conceptualize a message with drawings. Other times I will record a video so the message can be seen and heard. On a good day, a message will be conveyed with all three means — words, pictures, and sounds. I will also include links for further exploration.

Why the name, the Philosophy and Art of Living in Alignment (PALIA)?

The title is a mouthful. Let’s address the parts and then I will add them together.

Philosophy: Philosophy is the love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means. According to Bertrand Russell, philosophy releases our grip on what is certain, in order to allow ourselves to explore new possibilities.

Art: Art is a skill acquired by experience, study, or observation.

Living in Alignment: This phrase is an attempt at describing the practice of accessing consciousness this moment.

All together: PALIA is the pursuit and practice of wisdom which allows us to experience consciousness this moment.

What if I have questions or would like more clarity on something?

You are welcome to write to me through the contact form. For everyone’s benefit — as other readers may be asking or thinking the same question — I may address your question here while keeping you anonymous.

Who is Mitchell Roth?

I am from North Dakota, USA. I enjoy traveling and identifying patterns. I am meandering on the path of awakening consciousness.

Thank you for your attention, as I consider it a gift to me. May this writing be a gift to you.