The Philosophy and Art of Living In Alignment

Triund morning

mettā letter 8

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dear fellow soul,

In the last mettā letter I wrote about awareness and how you can move it along other domains of yourself, whether the body, mind, heart or soul. Doing so will eventually lead to less baggage in your life, among other wonderful things. As you can imagine, there is a lot more to the story.

Let me take a moment to explain the vocabulary I use. Instead of “soul,” many times I use the word “consciousness.” I have been deliberately undisciplined with the words I use to describe these and other concepts. For someone new on the journey of self-discovery, self-realization, awakening their soul, or awakening consciousness — it may take many different approaches to the topic. So I am using many words to achieve the same goal, which is to “crack the shell”; To wake up to the knowledge that there is so much more to your self than you realize.

Or I could say that goal is spiritual development — to awaken consciousness now, this moment. As the cliché goes, it’s not about the destination but the journey, so there is no pressure to wake up now. There is only an invitation — which is available to you every moment of every day. If you don’t accept it right now, you can the next moment. And the next. And the next. It really is always there.

In my experience, the last five years of my life I have been slowly waking up. (That timeline is arbitrary though, as when does something really begin, or really end for that matter? Doesn’t the previous moment always lead up to the present moment? Can the present moment exist without the previous moment?) Anyway, that thought aside, I hope to share with you my story soon, as simply another example of a spiritual journey. My intention is to make this as little of an ego trip for me as possible, and to be of assistance to you if you are on a similar path, which you very well may be. That is for you to decide.

So these mettā letters I write to you have been long in the making. I am feeling my way forward (with a lot of pushing against resistance as well!) Feel free to send me feedback, or questions, or points where clarification is needed, or perhaps even where you see things differently. For example, after reading a previous mettā letter about who you are, a reader commented about how the essence of himself doesn’t existing independent of something else, but rather always in relationship. This was a very good point, and it is something with which I absolutely agree (the answers to the questions in that letter lead to identification with form. Eventually I would like to express a line of thought to bring you into experiencing consciousness, which is not identified with form, but is connected to everything.) In the near future I will write about how we are all connected.

Now, I want to reintroduce you (or welcome you) to this website,, where I publish mettā letters to you. I’m calling this work “The Philosophy and Art of Living In Alignment.” PALIA for short.

The Philosophy and Art of Living In Alignment has three components — the ever-growing body of knowledge (Philosophy), the practices (Art), and the personal experience (of living in alignment). The philosophy is the first and second-hand knowledge of Truth that has accumulated and evolved for me over the past 5 years when I started to wake up and understand myself and this life. The art is the different practices that helped me integrate intellectual knowledge with experiential knowledge; whether through vipassana meditation, the Presence Process, pranayama, entheogens, etc. The personal experience is just that — and the point of it all.

Living in Alignment is putting the knowledge into practice of experiencing reconnection with source, or in other words — to awaken consciousness.

The following is the “what” (philosophy), the “how” (art), and the “why” of living in alignment.

The Philosophy of Living in Alignment

Bertrand Russell wrote that philosophy releases our grip on what is certain, in order to allow ourselves to explore new possibilities.

All is love. Another description of love is energy. Life is simply energy. Even matter is energy at the most basic level.

There are two ways to relate to this energy: connection or disconnection.

There are four domains the energy exists and flows: from Spirit to Heart, then Mind, then Body. Energy begins at the source (Spirit or consciousness), in a form which can be described as vibrations, then flows to the Heart in the form of emotions, then to the Mind in the form of thoughts, and finally into the Body in the form of spoken words or physical actions.

To be “in alignment” is to experience connection; to have in that moment one’s Heart, Mind, and Body connected to Spirit so that the energy or love flows into one’s Heart, Mind, and Body as loving emotions, loving thoughts, loving spoken words and loving physical actions. One is out of alignment when they are disconnected from source (or Spirit or consciousness). An example of this disconnection can be experienced or witnessed when in a moment one’s actions or words are violent or forceful, when one’s thoughts or beliefs are judgmental or limiting, when one’s emotions are of anger, fear, or grief.

The Art of Living in Alignment

The art of living in alignment is the practice of living in alignment — the practices that leads to heart, mind, and body consciously connected with source. There are blockages that exist in the Heart (emotional), Mind (mental), and Body (physical) — emotions that disempower, thoughts and beliefs that are limiting, and habits and speech that keep a person from health and healthy relationships. Living in Alignment is the practice of removing blockages to allow the free flow of energy from our Spirit (vibrational) into our Heart, Mind, and Body.

There is a vast amount of knowledge already for the physical domain of the Body and how to remove blockages of actions and speech (to eat healthy food with the most prana or food that is just once-removed (and recently) from the energy of the Sun, to move your body every day, to lend a helping hand to others, to be impeccable with your word, etc.) Removing physical blockages is beneficial, yet is it is dealing with the symptoms, or the effects, of living out of alignment.

The blockages in the mental domain of the Mind can be removed by understanding one’s psychology and one’s mental activity. Removing mental blockages is beneficial, and is one step closer to the cause, yet the blockages still lead to symptoms or effects of living out of alignment.

The emotional domain of the Heart is the most neglected yet the beginning or causal point of the quality of one’s experience. While all blockages in all domains prevent one from living in alignment, and removing blockages in your Body and Mind will improve your life, the blockages of the Heart is where one will receive the most benefits in all domains of their life. Moreover, removing emotional blockages will allow the experience of connection with source or Spirit, it will awaken consciousness, and one will experience the flow of energy and love into themselves.

We don’t live in isolation. We are experiencing life among our fellow souls here on Earth. And so there will be times when something happens, or blockages are encountered (i.e. our buttons are pushed), we become upset and then we are out of alignment — disconnected from source. In each moment or instance this occurs, it is our choice to take responsibility for this opportunity to learn about ourselves and to perhaps develop the understanding needed so that we consciously respond instead of unconsciously react. If we learn our lesson and release that blockage that prevents the flow of energy in our lives, the next time a situation arises that would have pushed that button, it isn’t experienced. We have grown spiritually and the quality of our experience improves. This is how we can notice that we are progressing along in our practice of living in alignment.

The Experience of Living in Alignment

Why choose to live in alignment? Because your time on Earth here is the manifestation of your soul in the physical human form. You are here to learn your lessons and to grow spiritually. The wisdom and knowledge imparted to you from your spirit, from source, will lead you to discover and experience your life’s purpose each moment as your life unfolds. You will realize your gifts and give them freely and generously for the benefit of all. You will clear your karma and you may break free from the cycle of samsara, or if you chose to return to Earth in your next life, you will have a new life experience as an old soul with more spiritual and emotional wisdom.

A couple of parting thoughts as I conclude this extra long mettā letter: firstly, if at all anything you read here is giving you issue, like it doesn’t feel right or sound right to you and it doesn’t serve you — you are always free to let it go. Only take away whatever makes sense, (if anything at all!) Secondly, my own understanding is constantly growing and evolving, which means hopefully my explanation of my understanding will grow as well. I have no doubt this will be reflected over time as one reads these letters. (See also mettā letter 1 on “Little ‘t’ truth”.)

Thank you for reading. In the next mettā letter, I will tell you about a universal key with which you can wake up.

With mettā,

Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh, India


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